You just helped your client find the home of their dreams. But as soon as they move in, they realize they’re missing everything they need to keep the major appliances running smoothly.

You can be the hero!
With just a few clicks, create a library of appliance manuals and warranty documents that will be waiting for your clients the day they move in… all easily accessible anytime through HomeKeepr.

Inspections and walk-throughs
The next time you’re at an inspection or finishing up a walk-through… here’s what you do:
  • Open the My Clients section of HomeKeepr for Professionals
  • Select a client (make sure you’ve invited them first)
  • Click  Add Appliances 
  • You’ll be prompted to snap pictures of the appliance ID tags (model and serial number)
That’s it! Within 48 hours your client will find a library of appliance manuals they’ll have at their fingertips anytime they need it… and they’re going to be thrilled to learn that you’ve gone the extra mile for them.